Shamanic Healing & Practitioner Training in Kent, London UK Andy Wood

The ancient Shamans say “Life is as you dream it”. Here at The Shamans Art we are committed to healing and seeding new dreams. Learning to dream is at the heart of Shamanism, to become the dreamer who dreams (our-self) is the practice that will take us through all the teachings that Shamanism has to offer.

I offer a comprehensive programme of training in Shamanism, with Shamanic Practitioner Training which is an opportunity to learn this ancient system of healing; Also Medicine wheel Training in The Four Elements Course a series of ceremonies and initiation’s into the Four Elements of the Medicine Wheel: to The Dreamers Path a Year long one to one mentoring Apprenticeship Training and  also one to one Shamanic Healing.

In our busy modern society, Shamanic Healing is able to meet modern illness, dis-ease and blocks  to get to the root of the physical or emotional Issues. Using traditional and contemporary Shamanic techniques from Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Spirit Extraction, Ancestral Healing, Energy Re-Balance and Death and the Dead to assist in healing a wide range of everyday issues to big life concerns.

I am based in Kent, and work as a Shamanic Practitioner and an Inspirational workshop Facilitator, and have worked with many human and plant teachers from Europe, Asia, North and South America.

For more information go to ‘Shamanic healing’ page and also ‘about andy’. To find out more about ‘What is Shamanism’ press here.

It was very transformative for me. It was the most profound experience of my life……A life changing experience!’
Robert Ince
Such a transformative weekend. Held so safely in the heart of my forest family and Andy Wood. A weekend of realisation love such powerful healing enclosed in a beautiful woodland setting which also held us and encompassed us with all its power and gentleness. Truly the most amazing experience of my life so far. Thank you my amazing friends
‘I have had several different shamanic healings with Andy, and each of them have been powerful but in very different ways. We have dreamed together while I sought my power animal before a vision quest, and moved through the medicine wheel in 4 sittings over several weeks. Andy’s knowledge of the old ways, his affinity with Spirit, make in circle sitting with him an always enlightening, always stimulating experience. He is wise, perceptive and generous, but hasn’t lost his sharp tongue or incisive humour. It has been hugely rewarding, and I will sit in circle with him again, I have no doubt.’
Lee Evans
‘With kind regards my coughing bouts of 15 years now 95% improved, Amazing! Thank you’

Shamanic Workshops

This introductory weekend shaman course/workshop will be an exciting exploration into the world of the shaman offering the opportunity to learn a new way of connecting with everything around you.

Shamanic Training

The Four Elements Course is based around the medicine wheel, the elements and the directions.

The medicine wheel is a physical representation of the spiritual, a bridge between this world and the other.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man and woman, and interestingly this old ancient practice has been brought right into our modern society.

NEW Shamanic Training for 2020/21

Shamanic Practitoner Training 2020/21

After popular demand we are going to open induction for Two year Practitioner training for start of next year, anyone who is intrested in this training can log their interest with us to reserve your place. This course runs over 4 weekends per year for 2 years so book your place early for the next admission, spaces are limited as we believe in maximising the circle experience with a capped number.

An amazing opportunity to learn this ancient system of healing, which includes to learn: Energy Re-balance, Spirit extraction, Power Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing and working with Dead. This is a comprehensive course designed to enable you to take on the role as the Shaman.

Enrolling now for our 2020/21 Practitioner Training.

For more information visit the Shamanic Training page

Intro into Shamanism – 23 February 2020

This is an opportunity to open a doorway to the world of spirit and give you the principles and tools for shamanic practices. This can assist you in re-finding the ancient wisdom that lives within us all, to access your true potential and authentic power.

This is an ideal place to start your journey into the world of the Shaman,

for more information visit shamanic workshops page

Two Year Shamanic Practitioner Training 2020/21

How to become a Shaman apprentice?  It takes two years to complete the Shamanic Practitioner Training course.  Year one is the Four Elements Course, year two is the Shamanic Practitioner Course.

for more information visit the two year Shaman Practitioner Training page


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What is Shamanic Healing?

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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man and woman, and interestingly this old ancient practice has been brought right into our modern society. [...]