A Day In the Woods

Part 3

19 June 2022

A day in the woods workshop is part 3 of An Introduction into Shamanism, we take ourselves from the workshop and the indoor venue into the Woodland and our yurt.  The woodland is a unique venue, it offers a very different experience of meeting a deeper part of shamanic traditions and ceremonies.

Being in the woodland is being in a very different surrounding compared to the workshop venue. I find this as one of the most essential tools in what we do at the Shamans Art, is actually working very close to the Ancestors of the land. We work the spirits of the land and the woodland, we have an opportunity to re- dream, re- remember our ancient ways of connecting and relating to the land, that can nourish our souls so we can heal. A lot of illness in our society comes from a disconnect from nature, nature deficit order is caused by not spending enough time in nature. This loss is of the connection in the way we used to live much closer to the land. So the woodland can offer an  enormous amount of healing and joy by just being there and witnessing it,  being present and listening to the sounds the sights, the animals, the birds, all these things have a way of touching something deep and forgotten.

In this workshop we will spend time connecting and working with Medicine wheel and the four elements, and also the ancient standing people as the first nations people call the tree spirits. We will make offerings to the spirits of the land and ask for healing and clarity for our life. We will also dream into the other worlds to find spirit allies and teachers to further understand our power.

This workshop runs from 10.00am – 16.00pm and costs £40.00

To book on this please fuse the link below, please fill in the contact details. If you have an trouble please email andy@theshamansart.com