I have always wondered that there must be more to life than we see, walking this life has been an adventure to understand this. As a child I rebelled against all the authorities that I came across, and this led me to sit and contemplate my actions. My night dreams was the only place I could find a gateway to other realities.

After many years of wandering I moved to Brighton in 2001 and found shamanism, within two months I was in the sonara dessert of Mexico and working with the sacred plant Peyote. I travelled the world to study with Indigenous healers where I learnt how to enter a state of dreaming in order to connect with spirit. I studied how to use herbs and flowers in Aromatherapy and learnt Thai massage and thai herbal bundles in thailand which I’ve been practicing for three years.

My adventures have taken me to India, Nepal, North and South America and more recently to Mongolia. In Mongolia i bought a russian motorbike and travelled across the wilderness for a 1000-km to the darkhad depression, to visit the Dukha people or “Reindeer people” a place very close to the heart of shamanism.

This made me realize that to travel and live close to the land i would need to be able to survive in nature.So I learnt bushraft skills over the last two years where i have undergone a four day survival quest in the French Prynees. My passion is where shamanism and bushcraft skills come together and merge. These skills give us practical ways to learn about how we approach not only our-selves but our connections in life as well. I have a healing practice that i now run in Kent and have been teaching Shamanism in the the UK and europe for a number of years.

To Mother Earth .. the path to wisdom

For more information or to book a healing contact:

Andy Wood
07970 715 950

Introduction into Shamanism

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man and woman, and interestingly this old ancient practice has been brought right into our modern society.

shamanism workshops

Shamanic Workshops

This introductory weekend shaman course/workshop will be an exciting exploration into the world of the shaman offering the opportunity to learn a new way of connecting with everything around you.

shanamic training

Shamanic Training

The Four Elements Course is based around the medicine wheel, the elements and the directions.

The medicine wheel is a physical representation of the spiritual, a bridge between this world and the other.