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Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

10th November – 21th Novemeber 2019

We are excited to announce this life changing Ayahuasca Retreat, to come to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon and work with master visionary plant Ayahuasca. Through this amazing opportunity you can experience tremendous spiritual, emotional and energetic evolution. If you are looking for personal healing, spiritual growth, insights into your life, deep change you will find the support, guidance and knowledge to help you fully realise your intentions for your life changing transformations.

The jungles of the Amazon holds some of the most magical and mystical plant species. Alongside this runs the knowledge and experience of master healers who have an intimate working knowledge and understanding of the very essence of the plant world and world of spirit. Spirit is not a concept to these healers but part of their everyday fabric of life.

We will be working with many plants including and experiencing indigenous shamanism in the forms of healing and ceremonies with both Andy and Donna facilitating workshops that will help in clarity and understanding such profound experiences.

Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

Ayahuasca is thought of by many of these indigenous shamans as the master plant that unlocks worlds of mystery and an innate understanding of the plant spirit world. Through working sacredly with Ayahuasca in traditional ceremonies, you can experience life changing visions and deep healings on a body and soul level.

When ayahuasca is served and the ceremonial process is directed by sincere healers, they work with the spirits of the plants to conduct complex energetic cleanses and surgeries. This level of plant healing mastery with ayahuasca can only be found in the Amazon. Each ceremony becomes a spirit hospital, with many different plant-spirit doctors operating on the guests, not only ayahuasca. Without a team of plant spirits, ayahuasca (one of the doctors) would be limited in its range of healing. The level of precision, concentration and skill that authentic healers bring to the healing process is the key to reaching into the roots of energetic blockages and carrying out the most effective ayahuasca healing.

We are working with a respected Shaman at a centre with the right ethos to bring together a truly powerful yet safe and nurturing course. The Shaman and his unique use not only of the Icaros (sacred healing songs of the plants) but also sound healing through instruments and light creates a sensory experience that works on a cellular level on our participants.

He prescribes personal plant diets to correspond with what spirit tells him you need not necessarily what you want – he works on a healing level not to the whims of the westerners wants. This makes him authentic and more interested in healing than in egos.

Banco Maestro Javier, was born in the community of Nuevo Progreso, Rio Napo, in the department of Loreto, Peru. The last of a family with four generations of shamans, the Shahuano, in his teens he realised that shamanism was his future. At 20, after his father’s death, he started his apprenticeship. He spent two years in the virgin rain forest, without any contact with the outside world, taking as a teacher his Grandfather, Antonio. From him, he learnt the healing properties of plants. For the whole length of his training in shamanism he had to follow a very strict diet. He could not eat spicy foods, sugar and salt, nor fried food, only what the forest offered. These, and good intentions, are the basic requisites to become a plant doctor (shaman). In Javier’s own words:”During my study in the forest, the spirits of plants and animals made me realise that shamanism was to spread out the message of Nature to live with joy, and to do good by curing diseases using our traditional plant medicine.

We have also designed this course to have gaps between the ceremonies as Ayahuasca requires at least two days to be processed by the mind, body, and soul. It is our intention for you to integrate the teachings of The Mother Plant into your lives, and allow all parts of your being to be healed.

12 Day Ayahuasca retreat

Day 1 – Collection from Iquitos airport and transfer to the centre, jungle steam and purification, Tobacco ceremony.

Day 2 – Workshop with Donna & Andy, flower bath, 1st Ayahuasca ceremony.

Day 3 – Circle meeting, workshop and leaf bath.

Day 4 – Workshop with Andy, clay baths then 2nd Ayahuasca ceremony.

Day 5 – Circle meeting,  clay bath.

Day 6 – Workshop with Andy, make your own chakupa, then 3rd Ayahuasca ceremony.


Day 7 – Circle meeting, workshop with Donna & Andy.

Day 8 – Workshop with Donna, floral bath, then 4th Ayahuasca ceremony.

Day 9 – Circle meeting, perfume making workshop, then a floral bath.

Day 10 – Workshop with Donna & Andy, floral baths then 5th Ayahuasca ceremony.

Day 11 – Circle meeting, final dinner and celebration.

Day 12 – Trip to shamans market Iquitos, transfer to Iquitos airport or hotel.

Course Price

The cost of this amazing Ayahuasca retreat is £1250.00 GBP

This includes transfers to and from the Airport and centre, all accommodation, meals and ceremonies. Not included are international and domestic flights.

We are limited to 12 places on this course so complete and return your booking form to confirm your place.

To book your place, please email andy@theshamansart.com for a Information and booking form. Any question please contact Andy t: 07970 715 950