The Four Elements Course 2020

The four elements and directions associated with them are Fire in the East, Earth in the South, Water in the West and Air in the North. The four elements are wise teachers, guiding us to look through the view that we have of ourselves taking a glimpse beyond the ego and habitual patterns of the personality and encouraging us to look beyond our belief systems.

The medicine of the four elements is to balance. Through the relationships you will grow with the elements, you will find truth, healing, clarity and artistic expression.The four elements and the medicine wheel help us to transform into a more balanced and clearer vision for our future. To find joy and beauty in the souls desire to fulfil our original intent.

The Four Elements Course is based around the medicine wheel, the elements and the directions.

The medicine wheel is a physical representation of the spiritual, a bridge between this world and the other. It is a base for us to explore ourselves and the universe we live in. The medicine wheel is a multi-dimensional gateway, a map of creation where we can dream into all of the universe. It is also a map of the human existence, with each cycle showing the movement of a day, a month, a year and a life time.

Fire – Here we enter the medicine wheel & open to the east and the element of fire. This is where we bring brightness into our vision to find how we have taken our journey from our Star, and then being born through the sun and entering the mystical school of the solar system. Fire is a living presence that connects us with spiritual knowing and wisdom, where joy and courage sing bright songs. Fire stands for pureness and willpower and the legendary Fire phoenix to be re-born from the ashes.

We will create a sacred fire ceremony so the fire can breath our star into the earth, we will touch a truer sense of our self through our tribe and power animals. You will also get the opportunity to learn the art of fire making and start a relationship with grandfather fire. This weekend will reignite you passion for life and spark your creative flame.

Earth – We enter the earth and the direction of south. The womb of the earth, nurturing and fertile on the lands and mountains, exploring the realm of the sacred sexuality and the very heart of life. Earth is solid and resistant, everything that gives us form. The earth element within us is borrowed, and its always returning to the outside world. To heal the earth element we heal the human body by listening to the plants, trees and rocks.

We will explore tree wisdom and call upon the spirits of the woods to find spirit allies, at the same time learning to feed the spirits of the earth. We ground ourselves, so we can navigate the chaos of life with both feet planted in the earth. You will also have the opportunity to have an inner quest in nature; spending time in nature to listen and seek visions to then take these back and feed your future with gifts from the spirits. The seeds sown from this weekend will show you how to nurture yourself, ground your medicine and feed your journey showing you how plants can become your companion through life.

Water – Here we enter the west and the element of water. Water feeds the the living soul of the earth. Water can be felt as gentle as a pure spring or as wild as a waterfall. This element brings purification, intuition, mysteries of the self, compassion and family. The healing and cleansing power of water can bring forth spiritual regeneration. Water is the place of release, releasing all that is dead and broken.

Here the community comes together to be part of a traditional Sweat lodge. The beautiful ceremony assists in purification and release, we connect with ourselves, each other and mother nature. Through this sacred lodge we come to a better understanding of our place in the universe and our relationship to all things. We will open our hearts and sing the Earth Lodge songs to rekindle our unconditional love. This weekend allows us to reflect on our emotional body to gain clarity on how to flow gently with life.

Air – Here we enter the North, the element of air. This is the place of the breath that connects us with the sky. The breath is the magical tool to connect with everything through the dreaming body. Motion, darkness, communication and imagination are manifestation of the Air. The magical winds teach us to fly as light as a bird, gliding over the warm belly of the earth. We take the viewpoint from the eagles eye to see all that happens below.

We enter the direction of initiation, an opportunity to experience an extended time in the darkness. Dreaming with the spirits, seeking visions and gifts for the initiation of the shaman within. As we finish our journey around the medicine wheel a new beginning opens. During this weekend we calm the mind, stop the world and allow the space for your new dream to be birthed from the darkness and fly free.

The cost for this shamanic training course is £1396.00.

DATES: Fire: 24/25/26 April – Earth – 5/6/7  June – Water 17/18/19 July – Air 28/29/30 August