Our Courses Training

Our programme  includes practical guidance and experiential exercises and deepens your knowledge and awareness of the key precepts underpinning our work at The Shaman’s Art.

You will experience the Dreaming of our ceremonies. You will understand some fundamental shamanic beliefs, and gain a better understanding of shamanism and the roles of the shaman.

Most of the training takes place in woods near the City of Canterbury over a series of long weekends, during the Spring and Summer months.


Online Shamanic Dreaming Circle

This monthly circle will be an opportunity to delve into the pathway of the shaman on a regular basis.

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Introduction into Shamanism Part 1

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to take their first steps into the Shamanic world, or for the more familiar to go deeper into their practice. You will learn about how shamanism works and its value in today’s society.

Introduction into Shamanism Part 2

In this one day workshop, we will deepen our practice, our knowledge and our understanding about the role of the Shaman in our modern society. We will enter the spirit world to connect with our inner teachers, our spirit guides.

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The Four Elements – Year 1

The Four Elements course is an Initiation into shamanic ceremonies and practices;  ancient ways of developing relationship with the spirit world. These practices have an ability to take us beyond the rational world, beyond the mundane, to a richer tapestry of dreaming…

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Shamanic Practitioner – Year 2

This Shamanic Practitioner Training course is specifically designed for those people who wish to follow their calling to train in the healing arts in service to the spirits.  

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