Shamanic Practitioner Training 2020/21

How to become a Shaman apprentice

The spiritual practice of Shamanism can be traced back to the very origins of the human race, as seen in the early European cave paintings that stretch back over 25,000 years. The Shaman would enter the other world and communicate with the spirit to assist in healing and guiding the dead. In pursuit of this knowledge, the Shaman would maintain a direct communication between humanity here on the earth and with the heavens above. The Shaman would ascend into the universe and descend into the underworld where one would encounter archetypal figures, both gods and ancestors, who initiate the individual into; a death and rebirth transformation, to bring wisdom and power, to aid and protect and to guide the tribe into healing from suffering.

These shamanic practices are as relevant today as they were to our ancestors in their ability to heal modern illness. Today the role of the Shaman takes many forms; the main role is as a healer but can also manifest as a priest, ceremonialist and artist to name a few. The path of the Shaman is an ancient calling to heal and work in service to the spirits and the universe. This calling to shamanism happens in many ways, it can be as dramatic as a life threatening illness or as simple as a dream.The Shaman is a person who ‘becomes the bridge between the worlds’ having the ability to open to all of consciousness and travel through space and time to be able to heal and re-seed the human and universal dream.

Shanamic Training

Year one – The Four Elements Course is where we strip ourselves back element by element to find a truer sense of what gifts we have to share. The medicine wheel is a map of the world which has many levels of teaching and wisdom. You will experience all the emotions of human existence, suffering, death, rebirth and ecstasy, through ceremony and ritual you will learn and experience a colourful tapestry in the role of the Shaman.

Year two – The Shamanic Practitioner Training Course is an intense initiation into becoming the ‘hollow bone’ so spirit may talk and breath through you. You will look at all aspects of your being, seeing the light and dark that exists in us all. We undertake a transformative adventure to bring these aspects into balance and harmony. The training will take place in a woodland setting, we will use nature as the main teaching tool to bring us closer to hearing and feeling the voice of spirit.

This Shamanic Practitioner Training is specifically designed for those people who wish to follow their calling to train in the healing arts in service to the spirits. This calling to the shamanic arts comes from a silent, deep need to to reconnect with the earth, the trees, the mountains, rivers and with each other. The path of the shaman remembers this deep, primal calling, to bring us home to our whole true self. Each module is vital in training the individual to become a genuine practitioner of the healing arts.

On the shamanic practitioner training you will learn the 5 principles of healing, Energy Re-balancing, Power Retrieval, Spirit Extraction, Soul Retrieval and Working with the Dead

Energy Re-balancing – Practical tools to listen to need of clients – Feather and crystal healing – Creating a sacred healing space -use of Drums, Rattles and shamanic instruments within a Shamanic healing

Power retrieval – Spirit Extraction – Soul Retrieval, techniques to healing Soul Loss – Hex removal – Working in circles – Divination to uncover hidden matters

Ancestral healing merging with Ancestral family – Healing with the land – Working with the Dead.

The experience of this training will ensure that there will always be someone to support and nurture but also challenge you in any areas of your life and experience that prevent you from becoming the powerful healer you were meant to be. Mirrors will be held up and illusions shattered so that your authentic self can emerge from this transformative course allowing you to not only walk this path but understand how it feels to be comfortable within yourself to fulfil your soul purpose.

The Full Shamanic Practitioner Training consists of The Four Elements Course plus The Shamanic Practitioner Course. The cost of The Shamanic Practitioner Training is £1615.00 for all teaching, food and accommodation. The price for the Full Shamanic Practitioner Training (Shamanic Practitioner Training & The Four Elements Course) is £3011.00

DATES: Fire: 24/25/26 April – Earth – 5/6/7 June – Water 17/18/19 July – Air 28/29/30 August