The Dreamers Path

Year long Shamanic Apprenticeship Training

What is “The Dreamers Path”?

This course is a year long programme to open to your wisdom and healing, this course will give you the opportunity to delve deep into the shamanic traditions. There will be a module for each month over the year, where you will receive personal one to one mentoring, you will guided by Andy and his experiences’ as a dreamer, teacher, mentor, group leader, healer, artist & outdoors-man.

We all have illusion, patterns and fears that hold us back; this apprenticeship will assist you in remembering that there is a wise inner teacher waiting to be heard. The mentoring on the apprenticeship is not where i will give you all the answers to your questions, it is more that we all have the answers inside of ourselves. Most of the work undertaken on this course will use nature & the outdoors as our tool for learning. The Natural world is the place which will assist us in reflecting our own nature.

We will use the medicine wheel, the four elements and four directions to learn. You will learn how the wheel is your centre, a place to expand out from to explore your world. Also learning to find and heal our weaknesses within these elements. You will learn to see your illusions and how they bind with you, as well as seeing your patterns and how they form in your life. Your awareness of how your universe works will allow you to become a dreamer and seed a new dream into your life.

What does the training involve?

The training involves 11 conversations via skype or telephone at pre set times to discuss your development and learning. Each month you will be given a new module to work with & practice. There will be one mandatory shamanic Healing session to attend, if this is not possible (due to living abroad or long way away) we can do a long distance healing.

Shamanic Healing- the ancient healing tradition is a valuable tool in healing the body, spirit and mind.

An individual shamanic healing will assist in quickening the process of the work undertaken in this appreniceship. This will be a chance to undergo a well timed meeting of our dreaming bodies to work in the same space. The process for the shamanic healing will take half a day. In may also be necessary to come for more than one healing if you feel that it is needed.

Below are the 12 modules that you will learn. The training will follow this sequence although there may be some changes especially the timing of the shamanic healing.

1. Opening the Wheel- here we open the wheel on the land and open ourselves to the Medicine wheel and the four directions.

2. Meditation- the place where we become mindful, we sit and observe nature and the nature of ourselves, and observe the breath.

3. Trees- the standing people and the lungs of the earth, a place to breath and expand here we build connections.

4 Stones – the oldest and wise rocks that hold information of our ancestors, we learn to listen to the voice of the wisdom.

5. Fire – here we meet the sun and the great father,

6. Plants- we will learn to heal through the power of plants,

7. Illusions- taking a glimpse through the looking glass and unbinding the illusions.

8. Shamanic Healing – we release and let go, we breath the out breath.

9. Earth – bones dancing on the land, a visit to a sacred site.

10. Water – the moon and mother, create ceremony to connect with receptive nature.

11. Creative Spark – the expressions of the soul, the expression and the birth of the universe.

12. Dreaming – here we open to our innate wisdom that has always been inside of us, we dream the new dream we plant new seeds.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone looking to deepen their connection with Spirit, anyone who is looking for healing and finding their Soul purpose and their gifts. It is also for anyone who is thinking of becoming a Shamanic Practitioner or becoming Initiated into the Crystal Skull Ceremony. This course is for both beginners and experienced people on the shamanic path.

How much?

The course fee for this shamanic apprenticeship training course is £660.00 which is payable in three instalments. The shamanic healing is not covered by this and will be paid when you come for a session in the dreaming temple, which is in the garden yurt.