Shamanic Healing London

Those looking for Shamanic Healing London should read on as I am based in Kent which it not far from London.  Shamanic healing is the oldest spiritual healing tradition in the world, and it is still able to cure and heal today as it did for our ancestors.  In our busy modern society we have become detached from the earth and there is a separation between man/woman and nature. This is very true of busy cities such as London.

When this separation happens we become vulnerable to illness, dis-ease, attracting intrusive energies and becoming blocked in life.  Reconnecting brings balance and healing back to our life. As a shamanic healer I would look to confront these issues using Soul retrieval, power retrieval, spirit extraction and energy rebalancing, to bring the client back into balance with life.

Shamanic healing is for any age, culture or race, it can be helpful in dealing with any of the following:

  • Feeling like something is lost or missing
  • Relationship problems
  • Dealing with death and grief
  • Helping with hidden traumatic experiences
  • Lack of confidence
  • Finding some direction/focus in your life
  • Struggling with life’s addictions food, alcohol, drugs
  • Dealing with depression
  • Dealing with Sexual abuse
  • Feeling stuck in a recurring pattern or Issue
  • Having chronic bad luck
  • Gaining more clarity
  • Dealing with physical dis-ease and pain
  • Generating more creativity

Western medicine only looks at the physical symptoms of illness and disease where as shamanism looks at the whole body, mind and spirit to understand what has caused the clients suffering. The nature of this work is deep and uncovers the root of the issues, it is helpful therefore to have the courage and commitment to the journey needed to heal. To Integrate the healing further i often give special rituals and practices as a on going Healing relationship with yourself.


Energy Re-balancing – Re-Balancing the energy body and chakra system to restore harmony and balance. Energy re-balancing is usually where we start from in Shamanic Healing; re-balancing the energy system aligns and strengthens the chakra system preparing you for the deeper retrieval and healing work.

All the things we experience in life and everything we are is reflected through the chakra system and energy body. The rigours of our day to day life can manifest as illness, discomfort and stress, leaving our system weak and unable to deal with the tensions and stresses of modern life.

Spirit Extraction – Is removing negative or blocked energy from the subtle dreaming/energy body. These blocks occur through ones own negative thought forms, these forms have a powerful effect over our health and vitality. It can also occur from unresolved issues, these old issues can leave us feeling blocked and heavy, especially on the many energy lines that run through our body. We can also attract entities when we have a particular wounding, this wounding leaves a weakness in our dreaming body, which is easy for negative energies to be attracted to.

Power Retrieval – Is where power has been lost through stress, illness or the day to day wear and tear of life. Power is prone to leave when we suffer from a chronic illness, depression or mis-fortune. In returning balance to the client the shaman enters into a state of dreaming and travels into the spirit world to find a power animal. The power animal usually reflects the attributes of what the client is missing or has lost, and this will restore the clients power.

Soul Retrieval – Is about bringing parts of ourselves back that have been lost through life’s experiences. As we go through life we can experience traumatic incidents which are too much for the soul to deal with, so as a way of protecting our selves from the impact in these moments part of our soul gets fragmented and lost. This helps initially in dealing with the trauma but to complete the healing we have to bring back the lost fragment. When People say “i feel part of me is missing” or “i feel lost” they are talking about soul loss. Soul retrieval is a powerful life changing work, it has the power to find the truth about yourself and make you feel whole again.

Ancestral Healing – Involves healing your ancestral unresolved emotional issues. We are the living memories of our ancestors, our DNA is the genes of our mum, dad, grandparents and ancestors. If there are unresolved issues these will have a major effect on our life. Patterns of the same issue will be getting played out as an echo from the past. These emotional issues or problems that weren’t dealt with by your ancestors, or not fully resolved can hang over us and create disharmony and blocks. Returning to the ancestors we are able to heal the past to live more freely in the present.

Death and the Dead – Death is so untalked about in our society, so gloomy and dark affair is our letting go of the dead. In other Shamanic societies, death was fully embraced as one of life’s intricate journeys that we are preparing for. Because of our outlook on death, when loved ones pass over it becomes quite hard for them to navigate their way to the next world. Mixed with the inability to let go of our deceased ones, there is a bottleneck of dead spirit attempting to find their way home. If you are suffering from problems of letting go or feel your deceased are struggling to make it home, assisting and letting go of the dead is a deeply effective healing process for the departed and yourself.

What happens in a Shamanic Healing?

In a Shamanic Healing, we will have an initial conversation about your intentions and feelings for the healing, as it is important for the spirits to hear why you have come. Having a clear intention is highly conducive to receive the most out of the shamanic healing. It would be advisable to spend some time thinking about your intention and to become clear on why you are coming.

After the initial talk you will then lie down on comfortable cushions and sheep skins. This is where you will relax and let your mind wander with the sounds of the musical instruments, it is also good to not focus too much on what i am doing but more on your own feelings and thoughts. These insights can be powerful signs and messages for your healing. I use many musical instruments such as drum, rattle, gong and singing bowl to name a few to aid in the healing. I will also use crystals and stones to place on your body and use on certain pressure points as well as my hands to send healing to you.

A Shamanic Healing is done in a sacred, safe space. Everything that is disclosed is confidential. The Healing takes two to three hours,  allowing enough time to be thorough in the healing process. It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing for your healing.

At the end of each session I may also recommended rituals and follow up treatments depending on the client and their healing journey.

For more information feel free to call me and discuss your concerns.

Cost for three hour shamanic healing £120.00

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