Through the Eyes   of the Shaman

Element 1

21 October 2023

Introduction into Shamanism

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to take their first steps into the Shamanic world, or for the more familiar to go deeper into their practice. You will learn about how shamanism works and understanding about the role of the Shaman in our modern society.

Shamanism is a form of spirituality based on animism -the belief that all aspects of the universe are alive with spirit -each interconnecting as part of a greater whole consisting of seen and unseen dimensions. In this workshop, we will use the Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions as our guide. Each of the Directions has an associated Element: East-Fire; South -Earth; West -Water and North -Air.  Each Element has its own wisdom, and we shall travel in sacred space and time, bridging the world of spirit and our own physical world, through Dreaming and ceremony to connect with our power animals.

In this workshop we will enter into the world of spirit to connect with our power animals. This is an opportunity to open a doorway to the world of spirit and give you the principles and tools for shamanic practices.

To navigate our way through the shamanic realms will will use the Medicine Wheel and the four elements that reside within the wheel.  The four elements air, fire, earth and water are profound teachers with each element having its own healing and wisdom to teach us.

Our purpose is to awaken your ability to practice shamanic dreaming. This day will give you the opportunity to enter into a dream state using the song of the drum beat to take flight into the spirit world. The drum is at the heart of most shamanic practices and a powerful tool to help us discover the healing power of our own stories.

This weekend workshop runs from 10.00am – 16.00pm each day, the venue for this workshop takes place at Canterbury Yoga, Harbledown, Canterbury. This workshop is ideal for anyone taking their first steps into Shamanism.

To book onto this workshop fill in the contact details and follow link below. Any questions please email

Book Through the Eyes of the Shaman Element 1 Cost £45.00


What people say:

Andy was great, i have been to other talks on shamanism, but he really manages to simplify a complex subject and help people understand through practical applications with real impact.


This course exceeded all my expectations, andy created a day that was both informative and experiential, a safe and rich place to sharing.The outcome of the exercises/practices were amazing and deeply relevant.


Deep subject matter, left wanting more than could be transmitted in a day. Excellent Transmission of what must be a difficult subject to teach, being an unscientific subject.


An insightful day with a passionate tutor. Extremely interesting and thought provoking.


Excellent workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed practical work.


This work goes from depth to depth.

Wilma Fraser

A very insightful & inspiring introduction.


Andy is a great teacher who made the day interesting and relaxed, inspiring and powerful teacher.


Andy has a wealth of information and an excellent facilitator skill, A very healing and interesting space was created

Trudy Kelly