The Crystal Skull

The Fifth Element Training

27/28/29 May

The Fifth Element Training will teach you how to connect with the Crystal Skull Intelligence and energy.  In this Training you will be taught how to navigate and interact with the crystal skull Intelligence. This ceremony will take you into a mystical world where you can breath in the fabric of the universe and ultimately of life itself.

The Medicine wheel has four elements, Air, Fire, Earth, Water, the wheel acts as a bridge between this world and the dreaming worlds. It is a gateway to other realties and other worlds, the Medicine wheel and the elements are the holding for the ceremony to explore and dream. At the centre of the wheel is the Crystal, this is a magical place as all the other four elements live within the Crystal. It takes all of the four elements to create the crystal and therefore it is the physical and non-physical representation of all the elements together.

The Crystal skulls come from the ancient Mesoamerica, and have been a source of mystery and legend for decades. They are a metaphor of our reality, where we look to see beyond our Illusions. The Crystal skull meditation, ceremony, and practice take us to an intelligence that is very old and ancient, this intelligence can connect us to a place that has no time and no space, and no limits.  The Crystal is a receiver and transmitter of subtle levels of dreaming, dreaming is a magical world where anything is possible, the dreaming world and realms are limitless. This ceremony can harmonise ourselves by entering the centre so we can find our centre. 

How do we change our life? How can we change our story, our film? How can we find our purpose and place? Ultimately you are in control or you own world, you are the director of your film, of your dream you also have the ability to change your film, we can re-seed our dreams to one that  is in alignment with your heart, a path led by the heart that has meaning and purpose.

Day One –  Opening to the medicine wheel – movement – dreaming into the medicine wheel.

Day Two –  Learning the form to travel – breathing and connecting with your star energy/ higher self/original self – Opening to the Crystal Skull.

Day Three – Traveling in your form – listening to our dreaming – Integrating our dreaming.

This Training takes place over three days and is non-residential.

The cost of this Training is £240.00 and venue is Manor Barn, Canterbury Kent

Email to book your place.