Through the Eyes   of the Shaman

Element 3

5 August 2023

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to take their first steps into the Shamanic world, or for the more familiar to go deeper into their practice. You will learn about how shamanism works and understanding about the role of the Shaman in our modern society.

Through the Eyes off the Shaman Element 3 we take a look at the world through the eyes of the shaman, we continue to delve deep into some of the principles and practices that defines Shamanism.

In this workshop we will spend time connecting and working with Medicine wheel and the four elements, and also dreaming into the world of trees, entering into the magic and wisdom they hold. The standing people are majestic beings that can offer us good council as we seek to make healthy relationships with power. We will make offerings to the spirits of the land and ask for healing and clarity for our life. We will also dream into the other worlds to find spirit allies and teachers to further understand our power.

Our purpose is to awaken your ability to practice shamanic dreaming. This day will give you the opportunity to enter into a dream state using the song of the drum beat to take flight into the spirit world. The drum is at the heart of most shamanic practices and a powerful tool to help us discover the healing power of our own stories.

This day workshop runs from 10.00am – 16.30pm and takes place in our woodland where we have our beautiful warm yurt. This day is suited for anyone new to Shamanism, and not essential that you have been on our Through the Eyes of the Shaman element 1

To book on this workshop please fill in the contact details and follow link below. Any questions please email

Book Through the Eyes of the Shaman Element 2 cost £45.00