So what happens during a Shamanic Healing session? In a Shamanic Healing, we will have an initial conversation about your intentions and feelings for the healing, as it is important for the spirits to hear why you have come. Having a clear intention is highly conducive to receive the most out of the shamanic healing. It would be advisable to spend some time thinking about your intention and to become clear on why you are coming.

After the initial talk, you will then lie down on comfortable cushions and sheep skins. This is where you will relax and let your mind wander to the sounds of musical instruments; a reflective period, where you will explore your own feelings and thoughts, rather than focus on what I am doing.

The key element of a shamanic healing is when I enter into a trance. In this altered state, it is then possible for me to travel into the other worlds, where my spirit helpers and protectors will guide us to the location of your missing soul parts and aid my fight in bringing those lost parts through trauma and other negative conditioning back. When the Shamans soul travels to other worlds on behalf of the layperson to retrieve the fragmented parts, this is referred to as the Souls Flight.

The drum is an important tool for all shamans and assists us in reaching this trance. The drum and rattle have a hypnotic effect causing us to go deeper into a trance to commune with the spirts in the other worlds. Songs are used most of the time as they also help to call in power to help us win back the souls lost parts.

As a client, you will feel the effects of the musical instruments and songs as they help you move into a deep dream state where you may experience visions, feelings and voices. These insights can be powerful signs and messages for your healing.

A Shamanic Healing is done in a sacred, safe space. Everything that is disclosed is confidential. The Healing takes two to three hours, allowing enough time to be thorough in the healing process. At the end of each session I may also recommended rituals and follow up treatments depending on the client and their healing journey.  It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing for your healing.