Shamanic healing is the oldest healing tradition in the world, and it is still able to cure and heal today as it did for our ancestors. In our busy modern day society we have become detached from the earth and there is a separation between man/woman and nature. When this separation happens we become vulnerable to Illness, dis-ease, attracting intrusive energies and becoming blocked in life. Reconnecting brings balance and healing back to our life. As a shamanic healer I would look to confront these issues using soul retrieval, power retrieval, spirit extraction and energy rebalancing, to bring my client back into balance with life. Shamanic healing techniques work for any age, culture or race and can be helpful in dealing with any of the following:-

Feeling like something is lost or missing – Relationship problems – Dealing with death and grief – Helping with hidden traumatic experiences – Lack of confidence – Finding some direction/focus in your life – Struggling with life’s addictions food, alcohol, drugs – Dealing with depression – Dealing with Sexual abuse – Feeling stuck in a recurring pattern or Issue – Having chronic bad luck – Gaining more clarity – Dealing with physical dis-ease and pain – Generating more creativity

Western medicine only looks at the physical symptoms of illness and disease where as shamanism looks at the whole body, mind and spirit to understand what has caused the clients suffering. The nature of this work is deep and uncovers the root of the issues, it is helpful therefore to have the courage and commitment to the journey needed to heal. A shaman healing session will normal last for two hours but sometimes will take longer depending on the person. Although one session is usually enough, a follow up session can be needed after a few months. To Integrate the healing further i often give special rituals and practices as a on going Healing relationship with yourself.

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